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My FSX crashed as I was approaching my cruise phase of my flight. I am using FSX Steam Edition. The error did not give any specific info and did not appear as an error but is the only log today pointing to an FSX crash. There is no error logs in event viewer for today. The error code was 1001


Fault bucket , type 0

Event Name: AppHangTransient

Response: Not available

Cab Id: 0


Problem signature:

P1: fsx.exe

P2: 10.0.62608.0

P3: 54abe5b4

P4: unknown

P5: unknown

P6: unknown

P7: unknown





Attached files:


These files may be available here:



Analysis symbol:

Rechecking for solution: 0

Report Id: 2b2db5a3-c232-11e4-8d5e-f46d042db3f2

Report Status: 1


Please help. :)




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