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GA AI Generator Question


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I did a search on the forum and found old threads about it but none seemed answer my problem.


I installed this program ages ago and it worked no problem but this was on another PC.


So now I have FS9 installed and working OK but I recently installed another version that I'm using for Classic aircraft, so I installed this hoping to fill the skies a bit but no joy.

At first I thought may be it isn't recognising the new FS which I renamed Classic so what I did was rename the original FS then renamed the Classic back to FS9 thinking that might have been the problem.

I can get it to get the airports OK, then it got all the aircraft but it won't generate any Flight Plan, that folder was empty, so i'm nearly there but obviously missing something any ideas please?



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I have it working now, it was my stupid error.

I have FS running from an external HD which is drive F: and I was pointing this program to drive E: I was seeing the letter E as F doh!

Any way it's working it has filled my skies now and as the guys on the forum posted when I searched it is a fantastic program.

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Well after using the GA Generator and up to now I like it very much but I have a couple of questions.

First I am under the impression I could change an airliner type to act as a GA just for the purpose of adding more AI aircraft to the skies, I clicked on a few and then clicked the add as GA tick box but when I generated a new BGL the program crashed, may be I did too many.


My other question is at some airfields the parked aircraft have all got their wheels well underground, I'm sure I read something about that, is it just on add-on scenery and what is the cure if anybody can help please?


I came back to add:

I just tried it again and as it was generating a new BGL it stopped and in the generator box was the name 'Ring Hill'

I searched the PC and all the generated files but no Ring Hill anywhere, so I'm stumped.

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A minimal airport in the state of Maine FAA ID 38B, US with 1100 foot runways. I loaded a C172 on the default scenery and it worked so the airport exists in FS9.1.


Maybe it was the entry after it that crashed. Was the .bgl created up to that point?


Sunken wheels could be scenery surface rounding errors or contact point adjustments in the ai models. Try originating a flight at one of these airports.


I recommend not using this app for airliners because of the model parameters. You can fill your skies with the proven (free) World of AI packages which provide the models and flight plans with an auto installer.



KMSP - Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Puddles

Support Team


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I don't know what happened but I tried again and this time it generated no problem.


As for using World of AI packages I'm trying to create a Classic version so I'm using older aircraft and downloading old flightplans where I can find them.


I have a modern version of FS with the up to date airliners etc as well.

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Ha Ha, I generated and got a crash again at Red Hill, so I took 38B out of the Airports file and generated again and it went OK this time, so for some reason 38B was causing a problem.

I won't be flying there so it won't cause me a problem either, thanks to Ronzie above he found it for me and saved me a lot of frustration trying to find this error.

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