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I just completed a flight in the 172 from KORF to KCRG, no errors, a great VFR flight @ 10K for the duration. No stutters, pauses ect. My landing was a VFR landing and it was perfect. The controls worked well, I have the Av8R-01 joystick. The flight took just over 5 hours and the weather was live. It was my first live flight and I'm so happy I have to top tear sim package.

Ok, yes there is still work that needs to be done, but DANM this is by far the best SIM we have had and I have every one from FS98. I'm so happy that I have this new FS2020. I can't wait to see the 3rd party freeware planes and such either. Its a new world, new sim and we all should embrace this with the utmost enthusiasm and pleasure knowing things are only going to get better.

Happy Flyin yall :pilot:


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Fully agree, I entered MSFS through XBOX $1 option. I have a system which resembles a tub of quicksand. I5 - GTX1050 - 8GB -no SSD - KB/Mouse only. So flying MSFS was from the start a struggle, but with every upgrade it got just a little tiny bit better. But after the last upgrade I took off in a dream. I was a different person, I flew a C208, took off from NZWN, made 2 roundtrips in marginal weather and the 'Van' flew silky smooth from take off to beautiful flared dead centerline landings. This is a 200% improvement, for me I'd say they are at an 88% point now when it comes to basic manual GA aircraft flying. I'm happy, even more motivated then ever to try and safe the extra $$ for a better sys. Edited by piet06273

I5 12600K - RTX3060TI - 32GB 3600 - M2 - WIN11 - FS8/9/X - MSFS - full ORBX UTX etc. 



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Not really freeware, but pretty close. For $8.99 I bought the kitfox from the MS store and it's going to be my go to for a while, it's awesome.


Beside the fact that it could take off from your driveway, and can do loops from a starting altitude of 10 feet, it has a unique view that is between a normal cockpit view and the external view. If you raise the view height in the cockpit, the "camera" sits just above the wing and gives a quite realistic view. The view is so realistic, it can make you seasick (just like in a real plane).


This thing makes the Pitts Special look like mom's station wagon.

i7-10700K, ASUS Prime Z490-P motherboard, 32 gig, GTX 1080 Ti, 1TB M2 drive, Thrustmaster T16000M, Logitech Rudder Pedals , xbox controller.
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