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FS2004 Running on USB 3.2 Gen 1 flash drive?

Rescue 936

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Upgrade the HDD. Very easy, just cost a few extra bucks. You'll be better off for it. I can write a step-by-step tutorial at my website to do this. I totally should for some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) help. LOL


There is something you can do now however to maybe free up some space.


1) Run every bodies and their great uncle's favorite program called Ccleaner. DO NOT use the registry cleaner. It's largely snake oil and you'd only use that for certain things. If you want to take Cclenaer's ability up a notch, then grab the ini file here and just paste it in Ccleaner's install directory. it WILL make Ccleaner load slower though. https://github.com/MoscaDotTo/Winapp2 I wouldn't let Ccleaner run in my task bar and use any of its other fluff crap. Also, it's zeroing out the free space won't. I was able to recover data. Depending on if it's a platter or SSD (flash-based) medium, there are certain ways of handling that type of thing.


2) Run SystemNinja. Do not clean config folders. That should be unticked by default. It'll most likely find extra crap Ccleaner doesn't. Running both Ccleaner and SystemNinja is all you need to do.


3) Run WinDirStat and get rid of the massive crap. LOL


4) Use that external USB drive for backups to increase the main HDD capacity rather than use the USB drive for FS. You can buy a massive 256 GB drive for around $30 I'm sure.


Scan all downloads at Virus Total. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/ Depending on what you got, four hits and toss the file. Some stuff is malware-like. You just have to know what it is you have there.







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Would low framerate and stuttering be enduced by this?


Thanks in advance.

hi Rescue936 no I don't think that if you install FS9 on a USB drive it would impact the framerate.

If you want good graphics and a good framerate the most important thing is to have a good graphic card.

However on a USB drive, additionnal sceneries could be loaded a little bit slower

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A GPU isn't going to increase your frames at all. It may be true for other games, but with FSX or FS2004, etc it's more in the CPU than anything.


I used to run FS2004 and FSX with a GTX560TI and had my frames locked to 30 which I always do and it was in large part always 30 unless the scenery was quite advanced. When flying into New York or Mexico City my frames will drop.


In a nutshell, these old Sims of FS2004 and FSX are really dependent on the CPU more than the GPU. The hard drive where the Sim is located could have a bearing on scenery loading as you fly. When I had PATA (IDE) drives that was the case for me, but with SATA III not at all. Now USB 3 would be faster than PATA so it'll probably work alright. But flash does have a finite write limit. So if there are lots of writes it could cause the flash drive to go dead. I haven't encountered this myself though. I think now that I remember, I had a very old and small USB stick that died. But that's been at least fourteen years. So the technology may be different now of course. But flash storage does in fact have finite write ability. Even with SSDs and NVMe.

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