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AI flightplan via xml ?


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hi guys,

Is there a way to write and use an AI trafic flightplan via xml and not bgl? I have not been able to run a single bgl software I dowloaded - always an error poped out when starting or while working with it... :confused:


thanks in advance :)

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Your "not been able to run a single bgl software I downloaded" statement does suggest that you might be expecting to actually 'run' a .bgl file. A bgl file cannot be 'run' as it is the compiled "details" portion (the plan) of an AI traffic package and (as it is a type of scenery) must be simply placed in any active scenery folder. The default location is in the Scenery\World\Scenery folder.


FSX will process the instructions inside and create AI traffic from the bgl and, if the flightplan uses default aircraft only, then the job is complete. If addition aircraft are included in the download they will be in aircraft folders and these should be placed into either the SimObjects\airplanes or \misc folder.


If this does not help, my long-out-of-date experience with AI traffic will not suffice, so we will have to wait for someone with more recent experience than I. To help others assist you it is essential to give the name of the file(s) downloaded and from where did you download them. Please specify the last file you attempted to install and what the error message actually said.


Surely someone out there has installed (or tried to) install the same flightplan(s) and can confirm either problems or a normal install on his system.


Knowing if you're using FSX(disc) or FSX-SE may also be relevant.


Best wishes for a quick solution



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to be more specific, I want to make my own routes for AI Aircraft carriers, so no flightplan per say, but does it matter (?)

I managed to run "AI FLIGHT PLANNER VERSION 2.1.21" and when it asks for an aircraft to put in a list from a bgl, I tryed bgl from "aicarriers1.zip", but it just wont load.


Then I tried to make an Airbus (took the default one) out of the carrier, but the AIFP wont finish loading "aircraft" in the list, saying the cruise speed is invalid.


thats why Im asking about xml. seems to be an easy way for me. or some kind of *.kml converter

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