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How do you change FlyBy camera position?


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I'm trying to change the point where the virtual camera in FlyBy view is located. At present, I'm way above the aircraft as it flies past. I can change the distance no problem, it's the vertical axis I'm struggling with. I'm using keyboard and mouse, no external hardware.


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TextRich, thank you for replying. I had a look at the post you suggested and will give it a go.

I am somewhat wary about editing cfg files within the FSX root structure. I did that two weeks ago and had to reinstall everything despite a backup of the file.


Make sure your base FSX folder is not in /Program Files/ or /Program Files x86/. If you use the Steam edition, change the install directory outside of those two folders. Those two folders are often write-protected by Windows and edits may not always register.

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I have FSX with the acceleration pack (not Steam) and it's installed on my D drive in a "Microsoft Games" folder I created for the complete FSX install, so it reads D/Microsoft Games/FSX.

I'm hoping that should be ok.

Is it not a bit strange that you can alter the camera altitude in the other external 'view' options but not in FlyBy?

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