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Pmdg 737 ng


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Hello everyone.


I used to fly with FS9 + PMDG 737NG a lot, but for a lot of reasons, stayed almost 8 years away from the sim.


I've just finished buding a home cockpit using Flight Deck Solution's Jetmax 737, which runs with Sim Avionics. This software provides a flight model file which is very good.


However, I'm having major issues with FSX and decided to go back to FS9. Sim Avionics used to use PMDG's 737 NG flight model, but the problem is that I don't have my old machine where FS9 and PMDG was installed anymore. So, would any of you be kind enough to send me the flight model file ?


Thanks in advance !



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Eduardo, I would love to see the cockpit set-up you have! I cannot tell you how many times I have looked at Jet Max products and wanted to have one of my own. You should post pics of your completed cockpit :)

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