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Improvement for me

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This last update plus some uninterrupted time to try to tame some of these planes has given me some rather enjoyable flights.


Using Simbrief to create and export flight plans and being willing to let the ATC do things the way it wants and I can now see what the new MSFS world really is all about while flying IFR between airports that I have some experience with in FSX/P3D.


There is potential here. I don't imagine the ATC will get much better, but hopefully some 3rd party developers will fill that gap. If PMDG gets on board once a suitable SDK arrives, then we'll be off to the races, I think.


I can get the 3 jetliners to behave well enough, as well as the Citation Longitude and the King Air 350. The CJ-4 is going to take some more time. I really am falling for the King Air.


I have had a couple of CTDs. Not too bad considering that I've now done 50-60 flights, but P3D 4.5 has CTD'd on me only about once per 1000 flights.


I hope we eventually get a change of seasons and a rep[lay function. I've had some great landings that I'd love to be able to view again after the fact.

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