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Research tips? (trying to find out size and location of control sticks.)


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Hello, this is my first post here.


I know many of you build magnificent cockpits, and I certainly admire the craft. I am not attempting anything close to your level. I'm an extremely casual simmer. Nonetheless, when VR hit the market a few years ago, I decided to set up a chair for doing flight sims. I got an "Airforce playseat" from playseat, a warthog hotas from Thrustmaster, and an HTC vive. It's a compact setup I can slide out of the way when not in use.


My prediction that there would be a great many fairly casual flight games did not come true, and it gathered dust.


However, it's starting to come true now, and I'm finding that I want to improve my setup. The playseat airforce chair I'm using can be found easily with a search engine, but in short it has a platform on one side for the throttle, and another mounted on a pylon that comes out between the legs for the stick.


As you are all surely aware, most flight sticks on the commercial market have short levers and a very common modification is to put the grip on the end of a longer lever. I want that. What I'm not sure about is how long a lever should be.


I'm interested in finding out how long the stick actually is in various aircraft, and where the bottom of the stick, or it's fulcrum is mounted relative to the seat. I haven't had good luck with search engines, so perhaps some of you good fellows will tell me how to find out about these design elements.


I want to find out how long a stick I want to use, and where I should put it relative to me. Then I can consider a mount to attach to the chair.


If anyone can be of help, please do.

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