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Invoking SweetFX on WIN10 Machine


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On my new WIN10 gaming machine, I have a challenge with SweetFX.

On my WIN7 system, I ran FS9 in Full Screen 100% of the time, and the "pause/break" key would activate/de-activate use of SweetFX.

On the new machine, I have to back into Windowed mode to activate/de-activate, then go back to Full Screen.

Is there something I need to do differently in order to accomplish this in Full Screen?

I apologize, my SweetFX knowledge is slim.


Thanks very much for any suggestions.



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May not be the case at all, but if the Sim is installed to the programs folder, that folder has been protected since Vista on up. In which case an add-on like SweetFX may have issues evoking properly.


If your Sim is installed to the programs files folder, or if the Sim is installed via Steam and its install folder is in the program files folder, then create a folder on C drive called FS2004 and copy/paste the FS2004 files there. Now delete the original FS2004 path and run the FSX/FS9 Registry Repair Tool from here. But with Steam you'd just create a folder on C drive for steam called Steam and in that Steam folder create a folder called FS2004. Now in Steam redirect Steam to use the FS2004 folder for the Sim. May have to run that tool afterwards.


I haven't tried this, it may or may not work and some add-ons if not all may need to be reinstalled. In the long run, if your Sim is outside of the programs folder you'll be far better off without having Windows limit what you can can't do.

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@CRJ_simpilot: Never saw or red about a FS2004 Steam version.


Doesn't matter. The OP may have been using Steam thus my explanation. Especially if another user reads this post and is using Steam.









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Look in your injector.ini file and in there you can define keys. The URL at the top will tell you what numbers to use for keys. You can see that in the latest version of SweetFX the scroll lock key toggles the shader, and the pause key reloads the shader files. To do a combination of keys it'd be something like: 16 ; 72 which would mean to press shift and h.


The key to turn on/off SweetFX is scroll lock, not break.


You can read the .ini file with Notepad ++ by right clicking the file and Open with Notepad++. Or simply rename the .ini extension to .txt, edit and rename with the .ini extension. If show file extensions is not on, go to the Windows control panel | folder options and turn on show file extensions.




Works for me in full screen mode. But I need to use fn-scroll lock for it to work.


According to the manual this works because of the type of keyboard used, thus the need for FN.

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Interesting...may need to swap in another WIN10 style keyboard,


There is no such thing. You just want a full 108 key keyboard. My current Logitech keyboard is a full 108 keyboard with FN key and this keyboard was bought before Windows 10 came out.


Just in case. Absent of a key that may say FN like mine does, this context menu symbol on this side of the keyboard is the FN key.









While running FS9 with SweetFX in full screen, I get slight worse graphic performances than in windowed mode.


@CRJ_simpilot: Never saw or red about a FS2004 Steam version.






Probably due to your specific SweetFX settings.

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