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I am returning to the hobby as I have far more time these days. Back in the day I purchased fs2000, 2002 and 2004. i have set up a pc primary for fs9. I have loaded the discs and everything appeared ok. When i go to run it, everything seems fine apart from the fact no scenery is generated. I have uninstalled the software and reinstalled it with the same result. Don't remember this happening 15 years ago, so am i missing something? This pc is running windows 7. Any suggestions appreciated.
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What do you mean no scenery? What specifically happens and are you looking for something in particular? Can you post a screenshot?

- James


Intel i7-10700F 2.9 gigahertz - 16GB Memory DDR4 3000 megahertz - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB - 480GB SSD + 1TB HDD - Windows 10

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If you have installed into the default folders, which is very easy to do, you run the risk of all kinds of unpredictable problems caused by Windows security processes and your specific problem could be one of the many possibilities.


If you have in fact installed into the default folders I would want to suggest that you uninstall completely, remove any residual files/folders and then to re-install but this time into so called "custom" folders, preferrably in a partition outside that in which you Windows lives.


If you have already done that, then please supply more information as James has already asked.





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Thank you all for the information.

Unfortunately I have uninstalled fs2004.

Reinstalled it and everything seems fine (at the moment).

I guess from your comments there may be

implications having done this??

I have a dedicated pc for fs2004 which is running

windows 7.

I still do 3 days a week work at a Land Surveying practice generally using cad and other processing software and since we went to windows 10 have never experienced so many issues and that is why I did a fresh install of windows 7 purely for fs2004.

However at the moment it resides in the default folders. Hans suggested custom folders I have a ssd and wondering if it would be better to install it on there?

I read your post Robin on installing fs9 on windows 10, and seem to remember you making reference to cut and paste - would you recommend this for moving the current installation?

I never expected to receive the positive and helpful comments above - thanks to you all.


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Hi Richard,

Either way will do. What I would actually do, is copy the whole FS2004 folder from it's Program files folder, & post it into C:\

Then download the Flight1 Registry repair tool from https://www.flight1.com/view.asp?page=library

This tells the registry where FS2004 is.

Then rename the original FS2004 folder to FS2004-backup, & delete the FS2004 desktop icon

Then, in the new FS2004 install in C:\, find the FS9.exe, right-click on that, & Send to desktop.


It actually takes longer to explain than to do, & now you have a 2nd backed up FS2004 install that you can copy to a portable drive to use as a backup, or to use as a basis for multiple FS2004 installs.


(or you can uninstall FS2004 & reinstall into C:\ & NOT into it's default folder)

I would do the copy & paste thing, I have 8 separate unique themed FS2004 installs done that way..


Have fun.


Cape Town, South Africa

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Hi Robin,

If I were to download VFR Terrain and scenery should I let it install where it suggest or install it into c:/?

I went through the motions and let it install where it suggested and whether it be right or wrong I don't know, I copied and pasted into c:/, then used the registry repair tool, at that stage the pc chuntered on a bit then froze. I tried various ways to try and start the pc even using safe mode and got nowhere. At this stage I thought I had really messed up something so I decided to reinstall windows 7 then fs9.

This a dedicated pc initially for fs9 so thought I wanted it right to continue and at the moment it is doing a windows update for the last 2.5 hours and hopefully when sorted I would like to install the scenery and terrain. I would appreciate your comments on the best way to continue.



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I would have installed it into a 'dummy' folder, then moved it into Fs2004.

The Registry Repair tool is only for FS2004, telling the registry where the FS9.exe is situated.

The VFR scenery should not have crashed the PC. That's an odd one.


Once you have installed FS2004, and added stuff to it.. basic favourite aircraft & scenery, not complicated stuff, Copy & Paste the whole folder to a portable drive. That way, you have a good backup, should you ever need to reinstall. Just copy & paste the backup, instead of a complete reinstall. It works perfectly.


Further to that, I'm not sure how I can help with the VFR scenery. What you have done seems ok, in installing it into C:.

Also, any scenery can be installed out of the sim folder, You would then go into the scenery library as usual, & point it to any external folder where scenery is. This helps with multiple installs, as scenery then does not have to be duplicated.


Phew, I hope that explains.


Cape Town, South Africa

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