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Problem with starting FS9


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Things have been going good with FS9 until yesterday when I got a new update for Windows 10.


Afterwards FS9 started up with the window of the DC3. Then I got a message " You'll need a new app to open this MS-Gamingoverlay"


I have a mouse so I clicked the right button to get the program to continue starting the sim.


It deleted the background and went black. The little wheel came up and just stayed there. The sim did not complete the start up


Using Ctl Alt Del if got the Task Manager to show and clicking it I got no response.


The only way to get out was to turn off the computer. It is a Acer A515-51-5398 and has been working well until the Win update.


Anyone have any ideas?

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Maybe try this?


How to Fix Ms-Gaming Overlay Popup

Press the Win + I combination key to open Windows Settings.

Go to Gaming > Gaming bar.

Switch the toggle of Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar to Off. Next, press Win + G to see if the error is solved.


Cape Town, South Africa

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Yea I saw that an will try it. I got the sim to run once today but not every time I start it. It just quit working. I deleted the last 2 win 10 update. I sure don't understand why it quit. I don't have many games to see if they will run. This sure is a mystery
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It was the game bar that was on. I don't know how it got turned on.. So I turned it off and things work well again.


Thanks Robin. Win 10 seems to be so complicated !!!!!!!!!


For future reference, so you are aware, Win 10 updates can be effectively categorised into three types - Major Version updates, Security updates and Feature updates....


Major version updates happen twice a year (usually late March early April) and can be considered as a new version. Many people seem to have big issues with these updates as they can 'reset' file associations and app setting to default - i.e. turning the game bar on....


Security updates are normally rolled out monthly but can occur more frequently...


Feature updates are again, normally rolled out monthly but, like Major updates, they can cause 'reset' issues...


Personally, I have not had any issues with win 10 updates (have 2 relatively old rigs running it) but my next door neighbour seems to have no end of issues each time he updates his main family pc which is only 11 months old - his older laptop (about 3 years old) had a few 'reset' issues at the last major update to release 2004 back in May which I help to resolve




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