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Someone mentioned them in a post, and i was curious about them.

I've only ever bought 2 payware planes, the Carenado Beech V35 and the Captainsim 757.

Im looking at the 777 and A320, which are nicely priced right now. Are they a good buy,

how is the company and is the activation a pain. The Captainsim took a couple days to activate.


Edit:I see they are called Black Box now.

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Do it. They are available at Black Box. They are only €10 each. I did so for the 757, 777 and A320, and had no issue at all for activating.



How does their activation work for those old addons? Some kind of offline serial nr. or online activation crap?




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I just pulled the trigger, so far very nice. Purchased both Airbus and 777, basically $25US.


Once purchased you click return to merchant, something like that, and it's the download page. A link to your planes and a serial beneath...simple install. Saved the install files to my external with all my other FS junk, and put serials in a txt file.


I only fired up both to take a peek, 777 seems higher quality in the VC, but both still look fantastic.

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