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Forgotten AF: Central American Air Forces Pack Project


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I have started some repaints for a central American Air force package project following my first repaint for Massimo Taccoli T-33 under Bolivian AF colors.


Here are some pics of repaints and work so far achieved.


Tim Conrad PC7 Guatemalan AF FAG-269 Comando Aereo del Norte (Mundo Maya AB).


Miljan Korac PC7_AI Guatemalan AF FAG-219 and FAG-229 with AI traffic fm Mundo Maya AB.


I.D'Attomo & G.Quai A37 El Salvador AF FAES-435 Grupo Caza Bombardeo (Comalapa AB).


I.D'Attomo & G.Quai A37 Guatemalan AF FAG-404 Comando Aereo Centro (La Aurora AB).


PSAI A37 Guatemalan AF (FAG-424, FAG-432, FAG-436)


G.Quai SF260 Nicaraguan AF (Ex Libyan AF) FAN-169



Unfortunatly i did not find any AI model for the SF260 to activate some nicaraguan AI traffic.



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