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How Do You Access GPS . . .

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. . . in the Beechcraft KingAir, and similar planes? Lots of the FS2020 planes have Garmin panels where you can activate the cursor by spinning the outer knob with your mouse and then spinning the inner knob to get the letter you want. Then repeat. Repeat. Repeat.


The KingAir and several other planes look completely different, and present a dazzling array of things to click on (many inoperable by design). I don't like to ask questions until I've tried to dope it out myself, but I give up on this one.


BTW, another failing, IMO, is that you can't use the keyboard to enter airport codes in any of the FS2020 planes. Another thread I've seen here indicates that in a real aircraft you don't usually have a keypad, and must twirl those knobs to select an airport code. Maybe so, but in a real aircraft you have real knobs and real fingers, which is a lot different from manipulating a mouse as a proxy. Please, can't they bring back the keypad option?



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