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Fs9.5 Never Looked so Good: Some Helos


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There's been a resurgence of interest in FS2004, which in 2015, doesn't look very much like the "Out-of-Box" version of a decade ago.

Many, many tweaks and custom planes and sceneries make the sim something more these days; some call their sim "FS9.5"




Here are a few screens in a series perhaps to follow, to illustrate the point.

I'll get the rotary wings out of the way, I know there are only 3 of us in the hobby (more's the pity, FS9 is the only place a helo works properly!)









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Thank you, sir.


Could you please tell me what you did or where you got the add-ons to make fs2004 look so good?

It's the culmination of years of adding freeware and payware, and stirring the mix.

But the last 3 shots are freeware photoreal scenery of Chile, so you are looking at Active Sky and SweetFX mostly, plus of course that fantastic helo model.

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