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Vehicles on the taxi ways.

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I hope somewhere down the road, we will see taxi lights and vehicles removed from the taxiways. I ran through six vans taxing to the runway with traffic turned down to 25.
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I had 4 aircraft including me on the runway the other day, it’s an accident waiting to happen 😂
System: I7 8700k 3.7Ghz, RTX3070 inno3d iChill X4, 32Gb 3000Mhz Corsair Vengeance RAM, 2 x 1Tb ssd, 1 x M.2 ssd, 1 x 250Gb ssd, 32" Gigabyte monitor, Thrustmaster T.16000m controller
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I've had that problem as well, going to the parking spot and a fuel truck attempts to defy the laws of physics (an object cannot occupy the same space as another object). :)


Course, my realism settings are LOW!!!! But still.........

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It used to be a problem for me with FSX until I disabled crash detection. In MSFS I also turned down airport traffic and ground crews to 25% but still have encounters with vans and busses but mostly ground crew walking through my aircraft. Ever since one of the updates, the pushback guys/girls don't look where they are going and miss my aircraft completely.


As far as sharing parking spots, restarting a saved flight from a parking spot will as likely as not begin with your aircraft embedded in another sharing the same space.


Everything can't be blamed on MSFS though. Yesterday I got lost and wandered on the runway, and was hit by an airbus. Expect to be cleared to fly again in a month.

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