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Jersey - A dip in the sea. No, literally!


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Hello guys.

I've just returned to FS2004 after years away.

Flying due south out of the airport on Jersey you arrive at a bay. There's a drop in the sea level of 122 ft and

then a straight road texture that cuts across the whole bay.

I've eliminated add-on software from the equation.

I've installed the official update. I know that there are various glitches that cropped up in FS.

Anybody know how to cure this one?


Good to be back


Phil O'Shaughnessy

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I assume you are referring to the Jersey airport on the largest of the Channel Islands between UK and France. I've been flying around in that area for years but have never noticed the problem you are describing.


However, I'll have a good searching go at your problem in my own FS9 setup tomorrow but I doubt finding it because your problem sounds like a faulty elevation (flatten maybe) area, possibly related to a non default addon somwhere in your own setup.


In the meantime I would want to suggest that you do some testing as follows in order to narrow down your problem.


What is the elevation at the bottom of your 122 feet area ?

What is the elevation of your Jersey airport's runway ?

Is your Jersey airport the default one or is it an addon scenery ?

Are the two remaining Channel Islands default or addon sceneries ?

Do you have any addon sceneries in Northern France ?


I will report my findings in this thread tomorrow anyway.





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For testing I took off from EGJJ (Jersey) and flew low and slow on a 180 degree course and landed at LFRD (St. Malo) but not after flying some circles over the bay area while searching for anything which could resemble your problem. No luck I'm afraid.


The default EGJJ elevation is 274 feet and that of LFRD is 217 feet. The sea level elevation along the whole distance was normal at zero feet.


If the sea level at the bottom of your -122 foot area is the normal zero feet then I suggest that you search for a plateau, maybe due to faulty or misplaced mesh scenery, somewhere in the Channel Islands area.


Good luck.


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Quote: "Just checked my stock install. No add-ons." ??


Do you mean that your problem becomes apparent immediately after a fresh install from your four CDs ? If so then the first thing you should do is to uninstall your FS9 completely and delete any residual folders/files. After that you must re-install completely but NOT in the default folders, preferrably in a separate HD partition outside that in which your windows lives.

Then install the NO-CD patch and lastly install the FS9 update.


Installing FS9 in it's default folders results in unpredictable errors due to certain normal FS9 processes being seen by windows as safety threats and are as such either only partially performed or not at all.


Your observations are indeed very strange and for which, other than the above, I have no further suggestions.


Good luck,



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Hi John

Yeah, I found a cliff of water. I suppose you could spend a lifetime trying to sort out problems associated with FS. No biggie if there's no work-around. There's bigger problems in the world, right now.


All the best to the Land of the Free



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I've never seen this in my FS9, some coordinates could help? Did you reinstall FS9 from scratch or did you just restarted it? What, if any, mesh do you use? Again, imho, best is to install (any)flightsim anywhere outside C:\program files(). mine: C:\FS9 - FSGlobal mesh - ULT Terr. USA EUR CAN AK - FSxeneX +/- 100 diff addons Edited by piet06273

I5 12600K - RTX3060TI - 32GB 3600 - M2 - WIN11 - FS8/9/X - MSFS - full ORBX UTX etc. 



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If you have third-party mesh installed that could be why.


I had third-party mesh installed in FS2004 and it cut up Hawaii something awful due to having a third-party Hawaii add-on installed. So both the mesh and add-on were not compatible.

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