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Multiplayer FS2002 - FSHostSpy


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I found FSHostSpy, downloaded and can run it on my Windows XP PC. Didn't know if anyone is still using it, but I've been seeing users login to it. I tried to connect in FS2002 to the sessions that show active users online but nothing showed up in "sessions". Will make this subject a new thread. I presume I need to do something re configuration etc. If anyone can help me, please see my thread "FSHostSpy", I'd very much appreciate any help I can get.



1. Can I connect FS2002 via FSHostSpy to an active session? (Is this environment still working?)

2. If I get a succesful connection, can I communicate with other users, will I see their aircraft?

3. If 1, 2 are successful, can I communicate/see only other FS2002 users or will I also be interactive with FS2004 users?

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