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Help monitoring & understanding VAS values with FSUIPC.


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I registered my FSUIPC and have set up the the monitoring option according to this site while googling:




I wasn't able to find any references as to when to know the OOM is near. I know it will sound an alarm but I want to understand the values displayed.

Just now I loaded an iFly 747 in FSDT KJFK, slew around a bit, this and that... the value went up to 520,000. What is this telling me?

What value is an OOM-value? Basically I want to know when I should save the flight and close.

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Re-read post #16 in that thread:



Every program running on your computer (assuming you have a 64bit OS) has a maximum Virtual Address Space table of 4GB. Each program's VAS table is automatically maintained by your operating system.


The number displayed via FSUIPC is the amount of VAS remaining available. The "alarm" will begin 'dinging' when the remaining VAS is less than 768MB, unless you manually set a higher or lower value.

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