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1.9.5 Download Time !!

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It has been downloading for 7 hrs Is this normal ?? I have a link speed of 1000/1000 (Mbps)


Mine took about 2 hours 100mbs

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Alienware Aurora R13, I7-12700KF, 16g DDR5 4400 memory, 256g NVMe boot drive, 1 - 2t NVMe m.2 drive for Apps, 2 - 1t SSD for Data, GeForce RTX 3080 TI 12g, Windows 11 Pro.
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My download and install took 16 hours. I have a “gigabyte” internet service and downloading to a SSD. I’m getting an average download speed of around 40 Mb/sec. This is with a direct Ethernet connection to the router and not using WiFi. My data option is set to unlimited in MSFS. I don’t understand what is throttling my download. Is it maybe the MS server?
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Sounds like the Op might have the file looping issue?


What does the total % show on the download bar. Watch the files downloading and see if they go back to 0%. What was your download speed previously set to in the sim options? Anything less than unlimited is likely to cause issues.


You may have to use the Net Limiter method and cap the FS20 d/l speed at 500 KB/s to get the patch to complete.

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