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Pre built pc and monoitor advice for 80th

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Really appreciate any advice.

My dad is 80 soon and a keen microlght pilot, so to keep him entertained during long uk winters, looking at a fs 2020 system.

20 yrs since I looked at pc's so font know where tp start.

1. Anyone recommend a good pre built and wide monitor, got about £1500 to spend?

2 Then any advice on getting it pre installed so ready on the day.

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FS2020 is very demanding, particularly to make it an enjoyable experience. Prebuilt systems often have shortcomings that may not work well with this program.

You will likely need CPU an I5 9600 or a Ryzen 7 3700X or better.

GPU you will need an RTX 2060Super or a Radeon RX 580 or better.

You will need 16GB of memory (32 is better) and that should be 3000 or 3200 DDR4.

You will need a large SSD or M.2 at least 1tb.

You need enough case to put that equipment.

You will probably need some additional cooling over a stock fan

You will need at least a 600 watt power supply.

Most prebuilt systems will cut corners on some or all of these.

I7-9700K, RTX-2070, Asus Strix Z-390-H MB, 32gb G Skill 3000 CL15, Corsair Obsidian 750D case, WD Black 1tb M.2, Crucial CT500MX SSD, Seasonic Prime 750W Titanium PSU
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