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Downloading Release

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Came to start up the sim an hour ago and it went to the Installation Manager to download the update. The white bar said there was 2.09 GB to download - well so far I'm up to 14.29GB at 64%. It's currently loading a series of fs-base-0.1.76.fspatch.002 et seq.


I'm not surprised at a slow download, there's probably many thousands trying to do the same - but why say 2.09GB when it would appear to be 22-23GB? It's not my internet connection - currently downloading at my max speed.


Or is something wrong? Guess I'll just have to be patient and read the forums!

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I have a Wi-Fi connection with FiOS, my almost 3gb download took around 10 ins and then another 5 mins for the install. I launched the game (its steam) and went to see what other updates are needed, there were 2, both for the japan upgrade already done for around 1 gb and downloaded them. I then rebooted the PC and had a great flight from KORF to KCRG with the 152.
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