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My First MSFS 2020 Video


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Morning flight from Orca1 ( Orbx ) to Vashon ( using a MOD ).


Considering no playback or recording feature I did ok except for almost going off the runway on take off...but nothing really new for me. :)

I used REX " Weather Force " in Live Mode which produced clear weather with some Haze...nice flying weather. Had a small breeze in the Vashon area. You can see a small lake producing a wonderful ripple effect approaching Vashon due to the breeze.

Everything set Ultra and in 4K in the simulator which always gives me the wow factor every time I fly using MSFS...clouds or no clouds the emersion is brilliant.

I even turn on my Performance Overlay that shows the FPS but, not until after takeoff. Check it out in the right hand upper screen.

The 4k was crunched down to 1080p due to MovieMaker and up loading to Vimeo but still looks nice but not as nice as on my screen while flying.

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