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OPSD (Skardu) Stability?

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Well I experienced my first CTD since Day 1 last night.


Decided it was time to check out the area around Skardu (airport for the K2 Base Camp), so set up a flight with the A320 (Modded). Taxied out to the runway. Attempt No.1, on takeoff roll I found the engine power was fluctuating slightly, put it down to the altitude (7320 ASL). Unfortunately flight ended prematurely as I accidentally put the 'bus into the side of the Karakorum foothills. Attempt No. 2, I loaded my save immediately prior to the takeoff roll, throttle forward to TO/GA the plane jerked forward, screen froze, spinning wheel at bottom RHS of screen then CTD.


Obviously there are known areas of instability in the current world (e.g. Keflavik) but before notifying Zendesk, as a control I just wanted to check in and see if anyone else has had issues at this remote, but from a flight sim POV very popular, area.

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