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Switches/autopilot controls on networked PC

Rescue 936

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Hello all,


I have a laptop running windows XP which I would like to display Autopilot and or light controls on for FS2004, I have wide FS installed to allow a network interface to be established, I dont have internet connection, but the two PC's are connected by LAN. Any moving map applications that do not require Internet connection would also be appreciated. Preferably freeware (as we all love a freebie lol) but please do show me some payware if you have any suggestions.


Thanks all!

H Jones
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Unless the autopilot and/or the light controls use FSUIPC, WideFS won't work for your application. Read this thread about what WideFS does. And no, I don't think WidevieW will work for you either as that just spans the screen to more than one computer and its screens.


What you need is some kind of VNC connection for FS2004 to display the individual gauge windows. I'm not exactly sure how it's done for FS without doing some research. I do know and how to use VNC though, I use it locally, but never over the Internet. It has a plethora of CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities & Exploits). I do however know how to send RS232 serial data or USB data over a network though. With RS232 I did this many, many years ago and have to find my notes and programs I used to accomplish this.


As to the moving map question, you might be interested in Plan-G. I'd recommend Little Navmap, but FS2004 doesn't support SimConnect so that's out. I used to fly in FS2004, but migrated to FSX.

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