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FS2002 still being used. Legacy sim community.


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Hi all, just joined FlightSim. Have FS2000, FS2002, latter is what I use. I'm quite happy with FS2002 as it meets my needs, and I don't want to fiddle around with new software, spending lots of time, and money. Am gratified to see here in FlightSim.com what seems to be a community of users who are still using it, so I might have some "friends" to get help and advice from now and again. (Have had the software for years, but little time or enthusiasm to get really into it, so have only dabbled over the years. I have flown a Blanik glider when younger, so have real flight experience.)


Question: Is it still possible to join an online network with my FS2002? If so, what network might I investigate? Is FS2002 and FS2004 (FS9) more or less compatible, i.e. by following FS2004 forum/discussions, will that suffice re my installation (Windows XP, works well). I have recently set up my sim environment in the cabin of my 1981 Mazda 929L semi-retired classic car in my garage. It's comfortable and provides a realistic environment (if you throw in a little imagination). Have a yoke and two standard desktop monitors. That's enough for me for now.


I recently investigated VATSIM (after a break of some years), FlightGear, etc. But now that VATSIM has changed it's communications software it seems that I can't connect to VATSIM via FS2002. Used to be able to via Squawkbox. The Swift comms client doesn't run on WinXP, so am stymied re that. So have given up on that for now. So am interested to know if there are any other networks I could join with my legacy FSW2002 and enjoy flying with others.

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