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Auto Pilot display A320

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I have identified that many of the problems I thought the A320 was displaying, are actually me not understanding how to operate the systems correctly.

The centre MFD's are usually NOT off, I just need to turn up the lighting, using the correct knobs (although the captain's main display often returns to blank on final app and needs to be turned up again during a critical phase of flight).


There are times when the main battery switches just won't work and on those occasions I have to go through a lengthy re-boot of the flight I'd planned. I've reported this through zendesk and had a response from them. I've also reported the random failure of all systems after take off with no way of relighting the engines before the inevitable contact with the ground.


I now know that by leaving the throttles at the CL position, climb, cruise and descent can all be managed and I'm loving the realism of the sim despite the bugs yet to be fixed. There are some great YouTube tutorials of how to use the autopilot of the A320.


I have one question - when every system in the cockpit is working except for the auto pilot display, I'm wondering if there is a switch or brightness control for that which I've not found yet. Any suggestions, or is it a bug yet to be fixed?

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