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Duplicate community folders-why?

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I apparently have two community folders. I installed the game in my D drive and it has a community folder as follows:D> >Flight sim>community and in my C drive, I have user>my name>appdata>local>packages>MSFS_8wek...>localcache>packages>community. Why do I have two community folders and which one do i install the mods into?
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You can use the Community folder on your C: drive if thats more convenient. It's the one I use. Everything I've placed in the C Community folder also appears in the Community folder on the drive I installed it to.


As to why... probably because when you install any software, it needs access to the drive your Windows installtion is on, which is always the C drive. Any software needs to unpack and place folders somewhere before it does an actual installation - and every single Windows computer has a C drive.

It also needs to place files in places (Program Files, User, System, App, etc.) the OS can find every time - again, the C drive. It also needs to modify your Registry, which is always on the C drive.


So while the core components of any software may reside on the drive of your choosing, the files that allow the OS to open and execute the code must be on the OS drive.


PS> Here's a tip: If you don't want to go into Windows Explorer and dive down to the Community fold every time, do it once...then create a shortcut on your desktop with the path as it appears when you finally arrive at the Community folder. Just highlight the folder icon, copy the path, right click on desktop, Create Shortcut, paste path, name the short cut, then click OK. You'll have the path to the Community folder available with one click. When you want to put something there - copy the folder you want, click on your desktop path, then Paste. There you go.

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