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Anybody using FSEarthMasks with their FSEarthTiles? (FSX or P3D)


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I'm still trying to decide on a workflow for using FSEarthTiles.


I understand that FSEarthTiles is designed to work with FSEarthMasks for creating water and seasonal masks.


However, from what I gather, most people who use FSEarthTiles just use a separate photoediting program (GIMP, PhotoShop, etc) for making any masks. Is this a valid assessment?


It seems a lot of people who use FSEarthTiles just use it to capture the base images from the internet, then edit them with a separate photoediting program, and then finish up by compiling with SBuilderX. Or am I getting this wrong?


Is there anyone who is using or used to use FSEarthMasks?

And is anyone compiling at the end, after creating masks with a separate program, using the resample program included with FSEarthTiles rather than using SBuilderX?

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