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What Could Be Causing The Loss Of Flight Plans When Resuming?

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I actually thought I had cracked this with the TBM 930 at least, still having the flight plan active on loading a saved game and no drama from the AP re-engaging NAV and ALT. Unfortunately on a second reload not so fortunate - the FMS was blank and aircraft just flying on a northerly heading.


So at present we have the Garmin 1000 fitted GA aircraft which retain the flight plan but default back to a previous leg. AP more often than not inducing a diving spin which is unrecoverable.


The big jets - A320 and 747 which do not save the flight plan in the FMC.


And sadly now the TBM with it's FMC (Garmin?) which also has issues.


Is this something wrong with the individual aircraft or is it a core issue in the save/load routines which MS/Asobo need to look at?


Hopefully it might get addressed in the next patch but not specifically on the list that I can see.

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