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FSX stopped loading


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I had FSX Gold Box installed and working correctly but I decide to install the SDK (a scenery programme required path to the SDK) download the various SDK packs each time it said install the original from the install DVD.

After getting Disk1 setup disk1 to load it did not offer a SDK install option but went through a FSX Maintenance scanning through all the installed FSX stuff (the DVD chatters a lot and problematic getting them to run, same on my USB DVD writer which I use when having a problem disk).

After this initial run of the FSX maintenance FSX as not loaded and run correctly, all I get is the initial blue FSX window and after minute or so it closes without any warning messages.

I did manage to add the original SDK off the Accelerator Disk and the the two other SDK from the net but still FSX as not run since the first try with the setup disk.

I have followed some suggestions on the net of deleting any default flights from the setting fsx.xml, run sdkconfig, and default flights from roaming/settings folder.

I am at a lose of what try next.

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See if these's an error in: Windows control panel--event viewer--administrative events. (Logged at the same time and date as when fsx closes.).


Look for the "faulting module" that is reported. (The module file (.dll file) itself will be fine, but what module is loaded when fsx crashes can indicate what is causing the crash.)

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