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FS2020 Won't Start!

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Right now when I click on FS2020, it won't start. Actually Forza Motorsport 7 won't start either. Anyone here having issues starting FS2020 right now or is it just on my end? Also this happened yesterday as well but later was working. I purchased FS2020 from the MS Store if that makes a difference.
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I have the same problem, the program gets to the splash screen with the cessna over the mountains and the screen flashes black, then comes back on, and then crashes about a minute later. I've downloaded and installed THREE TIMES. I am getting the program from X-Box PC since the basic version is available for $1 for the first month. I just wanted to try it since my computer won't run it well (i7-4790, 12GM, GTX 745 4(?) MB). But it looks like it's not going to run at all. I downloaded the third time a couple of days after the patch. I was planning on a new PC this fall intending to run FS2020, but hearing about all this trouble with it I may just wait a while before the upgrade and program purchase.
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