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Recently purchased the Carenade c182. Flew two flights without any problem ,except after landing steering was almost impossible.

Had to use the alierons to steer.

External view shows the jerky rudder without any input.

Other aircraft with no problem steering.

Also could not find where the AP button is.

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Haven't got that plane but there are a few threads about regarding wonky steering on the ground.


The first thing is to go into Assists and ensure "Rudder Assist" on takeoff is switched off.


Second if you have more than one controller connected (e.g. a joystick and a XB gamepad), delete any conflicting assignments on the secondary controller.


Finally do make sure when you are in the sensitivity/deadzone part of the joystick options menu, you physically move the stick through all its axis, including rudder then hit F11 to save.

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