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Fuel Consumption

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Anyone finding the GA aircraft a bit heavy on the gas consumption?


I decided to take the Cessna 152 on a Nile/Pyramid tour*. Took off from an airport on the coast and headed over to the delta then along the river, but having just passed Cairo and the Red Pyramid, already down to 1/3 tank of fuel. The stated fuel range of the 152 is >400nm and I've done less than half that. Admittedly I'm flying low - 1500 to 2000 feet - but my mixture is thinned to 40% and I'm not ragging the throttle. Guess I'm going to have to find somewhere to put down and "buy" some Avgas.


* If you're contemplating this, scenery wise you might want to skip the section from the coast down to Cairo. It's flat as the proverbial pancake, fields and small towns. Nothing to see and not quite like all those "Mummy" movies depict the Egyptian landscape as looking!

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Hi Vern,

Thanks for sharing your experience with the new MSFS. I got mine as soon as it came out August 18th and I also bought the Cessna 182T because my nephew took delivery of a real one the same week! So I was eager to replicate his flight with his son, who just completed his PPL himself, from Edmonton, Alberta, to Victoria, B.C. in Canada. I forgot to check the fuel level on take off and only realized later that it was at 50% so I switched the settings to "no fuel consumption" just to complete the flight because I was getting too low on gas, too. Maybe Microsoft will tweak this in an upcoming patch if they bother reading our posts!

The Rockies are beautifully captured in the new MSFS. I must try the Nile trip you took.

Happy landings.

Neill in Montreal, Quebec

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