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No Mouse Control?

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In older FS versions I used to be able to control movement of the aircraft using the mouse. I can't seem to get the mouse to control the aircraft even though it is marked as the default controller?


Even a simple flight stick isn't that expensive - heck - you're even better off with a gamepad! Why on God's earth would you want to fly with a mouse?

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I went in to controls and looked for bindings but I don't understand what thy are? I must have 10,000 hours in previous versions and never had a problem with the mouse or any other controller being recognized. One thing I noticed when I was in controls is that there is a Microsoft mouse pictured as the default, my mouse is an ASUS. Probably not an issue.
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Hi Jon,

I had a similar problem at first when I got my new MSFS and wanted to take a long flight. I use my mouse to look around or to trigger things on screen either in menus or in the cockpit. I couldn't get it working until I looked in the Control menu and saw that my own mouse seemed to be one of the choices but it didn't seem to register the controls I was trying to attach to it. So I switched to the Default Mouse in the menu and Voila! It worked. Maybe this could have been the same for you. Good luck in getting it working.


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