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FSX on 2nd SSD


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I'm currently running both Train simulator and FSX along with Win 10 on an SSD. I want to uninstall FSX and install it on a 2nd SSD. Are there any problems when doing this? What are the advantages, disadvantages and pitfalls? I also have 2 x standard HDD's
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I think it's Fsx-disk-edition you have installed.

I also think you installed recently. So no payware aircraft and scenery have been installed.


If you indeed have a reasonably fresh install do the disk version you do not need to do a full reinstall of fsx.


All you need to do is, 2 steps:

Step-1-: Move the full fsx folder to the new location on the SSD.

(create a empty folder on the SSD. Give it a short name.

Then move the entire "microsoft flight simulator X" folder and put it in your empty folder on the Ssd.)


Step-2-: Use the "Fsx registry utility" to edit the fsx folder location info in the registry. This registry utility will help you to easily edit the fsx registry entry from the old location to your new folder location on the Ssd.


"Flight One" has the registry utility as a download on this page:


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You can install some freeware "drag and drop install" stuff.

Don't install payware. That would make it's own registry entries pointing to "location old". Use those .exe installers only to install in 'location NEW' once things are moved over.


Best not start installing stuff at all now. Today focus on ordering an SSD.


Btw, I see now you said "second ssd.". If you were thinking of doing this for performance reasons, then, no need. Performance of win and fsx on separate ssd's, is the same as performance with fsx on the same ssd as Windows. Separate disks was only usefull in the slow mechanical disk days.

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Ah, but there's a reason. On my 1st SSD I have Win 10 and Railworks Train simulator. And this is not a simple matter copying this across to put it on another HD. With the basic FSX on the SSD, too, it's about 95% full, and that's without any addons. So the easier one to move is FSX. I'm hoping that being on a different SSD from Windows won't slow FSX down.
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It won't slow fsx down. (and won't speed it up either;)).


Well, things may actually speed up a bit after you do the move. Fsx is not faster on a second ssd. But wit fsx moved there will be less stuff on C: and Windows will run a lot better with space available on the C drive. (Windows needs space free to use as cache.). Windows running better will of course speed things up overall.


Actually with C: on an Ssd the C: drive needs more free space then it used to need in the mechanical drive days. 5% is really very little space. (for ssd.) So really don't install or download any more addons now.

Buy that ssd. ASAP. Move fsx. Move personal files to the new ssd as well. Pictures, videos, .zip files, backups, etc. Move all that large stuff over.

The C: drive is meant for installed programs. Not for data storage.



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