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NAV-Aids in Airliners

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I can activate the NAV-Aids in most aircraft, however not (correctly) in the 3 airliners.

I can input the fequencies in the FMS and activate the VORs 1 and 2 on the glareshield.

It shows in ND the frequenies (only 1 digit after the point).

However, I see no DME and also partly no needle and I cannot see any ILS indication even if I select ILS.

Is something wrong here? Never had any problems in FSX or P3Dv4.5 with selecting VOR's/ILS.


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Wow, thanks for your reply. I was aware that FS2020 is work in progress and in general I am very happy with the simulator (out of the box), especially the VFR flying all over the world is amazing. I can recognize most areas that I know well in detail in many parts of the world.


However, this NAV-issue is really basic. I found now at least a way in the Airbus to activate NAVs manually but not in the FMS NAV-page and the information on the ND is not complete (no DME, only needle of VOR1).


Also in the King Air I found no way to transferr the NAV's VOR1/2/ILS to the ND (instead of FMS indicator).

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