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running GPS on separate screen


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Hi run with all panels on one screen, and scenery on the other, so I'm out of VGA outputs on my computer. But I was wondering- is it possible to view just the GPS on a small screen on it's own? Maybe usb out of computer? I have a 7" screen (for camera work) that has AV/RCA inputs- could I get a usb to rca adaptor and view gps on that? Or connect a real gps via usb and view on that? I've seen it somewhere in pictures, but I don't know where or how they did it. Thanks!


Windows 7 w FS2004 i3 intel HD graphics

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Actually, it's pretty easy, and you have a number of options.


This is a 9" USB touch screen monitor, and I re-purposed a Saitek radio panel knob to add a "real life feel" when using it.



You don't really need a separate monitor, you could do the same thing with the GPS on the main monitor.


The basic info is here -> Controlling the GPS knob with SPAD and FSUIPC



If you don't want to pay REALLY high prices for a touch screen monitor you can "make" your own GPS buttons with a cheap numeric keypad and a free program called HIDMacros.


1364085367.jpg 1364100719.jpg 1364154293.jpg




Want a "real" GPS? Try the Model 2450 GPS from Desktop Aviator. Compared to the others it's much cheaper.


It's meant to be installed in a panel, but I made a standalone case for mine.







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