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Tinmouse speed gauge


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Check for the more obvious problems. :pilot:


-Go to the main aircraft folder and open the Panel folder. Does the folder only contain a .cfg file? If so, open the .cfg file and I bet you'll see a line that says "alias=" and a folder name. Make SURE you have this other aircraft installed or try adding a new panel folder.


- Does the Panel folder contain the gauge files? These files will have .gau and/or .cab file extensions. Sometimes, you need to move or copy those files to your main GAUGES folder.


- If the above steps are OK, open the panel.cfg again and write down the names of the "missing" gauges. Pay attention to capital letters and spaces, sometimes a space is just a space, sometimes its a - or a _, and all three are read differently by FS. You'll need to examine those .gau and .cab files and make sure that any embedded gauges are spelled correctly.


- Does your aircraft use the default panel file that was included with your plane? Are you sure? Sometimes re-uploaded aircraft feature modified sounds, textures, panels, etc. that the author who did the re-upload forgot to verify as included. It happens. :o Especially on popular downloads with complicated cockpits and multiple variants.


- Check the gauge entries in the panel.cfg file again. Note the location assignments of the missing gauges. These are four groups of number that come after the gauge name. Compare these numbers to similar gauges. Do the last two numbers look roughly the same as gauges with a similar size on the panel?


- If you still haven't found the cause, check where you downloaded the files from. Are there any updates or fixes for your aircraft? Try searching the full name of the zip file you downloaded.



Panel config errors can be a bear to find and require patience. Once you spot the error it will be obvious, but finding it can take a while. ;) One last idea, are you SURE your download was for FS2004? Make certain you have a version for FS2004 instead of for FSX.

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