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FS2020 - Older joystick slows FPS ALOT when using it and there is no control of plane

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FS2020- I can fly ok using the keyboard with medium and some high, graphic settings. The frames per second are around 40-50 while taking off and just flying around.

I plugged in my older Saitek Cyborg EVO joystick to the front 2.0 USB port. I can configure the joystick and the controls work ok (Throttle, brakes, rudder as configured). However, when the planes takes off, I see the FPS drop dramatically to 3-10 fps , there is signficant loss of control and hence crash. I unplug the joystick and the FPS are back to 40-50.

I have tweeked the graphic cards settings, Windows settings, and set the FS Graphics settings to low and still no improvements.

My PC has a new NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650 super graphics card. 16G Ram, and an I-5 processor all within specs to run FS2020

Anyone with ideas why the stick is killing my FPS? and what to do to fix it. I don't mind buying a good budget joystick (suggestions on which one are welcomed). However many are not available due to a high demand for them right now.. - wonder why?

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