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How do I get a Bush Activity mission to save my progress?

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I am flying the Nevada Savage Cub Bush pilot activity. When I get to the town of Bishop (BIH airport) the game will not save after landing there. I have to start all over again at an earlier airport and now have to fly the same 45 minute route all over again. I've done this twice now. What is the key to finding the "acceptable" airports that allow your progress to be saved?
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When you land make sure that you go someplace where there is an airport parking area. Add some of the airports the progress was recorded when I simply landed on the runway. At 1 of the airports I had to taxi over someplace where the other planes were parked before it gave me credit.
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The bush trips... at least this Sierra one are kind of a joke.


Bush trip part one, fly from a paved field to the ginormous paved field at InyoKern.


Then InyoKern to a field that doesn't exist (officially(fair play... bush should do this))...


Then from Olancha to Manzinar to land on a clearly closed strip (not ok)...


FFS, all this within a mile or two of one of the most well known highways in the Western US... This is not a bush trip.


The first field in Bakersfield is misidentifed in name, and in ICAO... and the name and the Icao are not the same misidentification... lordy..


While I am not bashing the sim (I still like it, excluding the bugs) I am DEFINITELY bashing the ding dong who scripted up this silly trip... More than half of it is paved runways at well known airports. Bush... hah.. sure, whatever.

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Bush in California / Nevada? Haha. There ain't none that can be called 'bush' strips. Try Montana / Idaho. You will find plenty there. Go find FSX bush missions, note the ICAO / Names, and try to find them in FSXX. Make notes and do you own 'mission'. The challenge is getting in then getting out. Why get fraustred with FSXX - it ain't finished yet.

Chuck B


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Well, the leg description is incredibly vague @rajgon. . . I have found out u can land at Bishop. U just have to taxi to where the marshaller is as @jonnieb57 said.


The leg description is not vague at all to me. It says thing like fly from start to point A, to B, to C, to D, and then to airport/strip E, and shows you a picture of what the E looks like. Even if B, C, and D are cities with airports, why would you ever land there when the picture of the place is not shown? Each leg is as simple as keep flying till you run out of waypoints described and see a place that looks like the picture. Since the legs are less than 30 minutes long each typically, why bother with landing anywhere in the middle?

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