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Flight Plan Waypoint Bypass Question

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I will ask as a general question and realize the answer may vary depending on aircraft and which flight mgmt system is being used. Hopefully, it is the same for all Garmin systems and likely different for the Rockwell Collins system. So...


When a flight plan is loaded, but something requires autopilot to be temporarily Off and while following an IFR planned route sometimes the autopilot rounds off flight path for transition between waypoints, but apparently flies too far from a waypoint to recognize the prior waypoint was passed. Can continue on the flight plan but DME info indicates the direction and distance to the prior waypoint. Not the end of the world regarding flight, but wondering how you can instruct the system to advance to the next waypoint. I know there is a Direct To function, but if that is chosen does it terminate the plan at the direct to location, or would it continue on to the original flight plan arrival airport after the Direct To option?

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I wonder if you can go into Live Pause go back into the flight plan, then delete the missed waypoint whether this would work. Or i think that you may be able to press the FPL button on the G1000 to delete the missed waypoint from there.




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