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Joystick yoke usb

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Good morning all

How to configure my YOKE joystick on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020


thank you


Bonjour a tous

Comment configurer mon YOKE joystick sur Microsoft Flight Simulateur 2020





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Bonjour Mon Capitaine,


To configure the yoke you must go to the Controls page. A partir le Home page selectionner Options then Controls (pardonnez mon Franglais but it's more fun this way). It should detect votre yoke , CH ou comme ça. Apres ça you will see settings pour keyboard, souris, et yoke, peut-etre aussi des pedals, si vous en avez. Cliquez le nom dessous (Votre yoke), which says 'Default profile'. The default settings will appear, and vous pouvez selectionner 'Flight Control Surfaces'. Apres ça, it depends on your yoke and settings, alors il faut try this and that to set up your yoke as you want it.


Bonne chance!!

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