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Can this behaviour be edited in AC.cfg?


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I have downloaded and I like the freeware Pilatus PC6 Porter ( pc-6c_h2turboporter.zip ) from Piglet (Tim Conrad) but it has one bahviour that I´m not so happy with:


when flying level at cruise speed (115kias) with the AC trimmed, if I trim down, the AC starts descending and accelerating and continues to do so. It descents more and accelerates more.

That is IMHO wrong, it should descent, accelerate and then start levelling out because of the gained speed???


Can this be edited in the Flight tuning or somewhere else in the AC.cfg or is it nescessary to work the airfile, which I cant.


Thanks in advance

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why don't you use the AP and when you want to change altitude you change the height by clicking in a new altitude. This way the pitch trim setting will do the trimming automatically. If you are hand flying and you enter negative pitch, to descend, the pitch will STAY at what you set it, all the way to a crash. The way to do it if hand flying is to reduce power, which will cause ac to descend, then pitch for rate of descent, and when you get to desired altitude, put back the pitch to whatever it needs to be for level flight. Only way to do it. AP or manual pitch set. There is no 'adjustment' to simulate 'auto (wing) incidence' effect. There is no such animal in either the Cfg or the Air file.

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There is no 'adjustment' to simulate 'auto (wing) incidence' effect. There is no such animal in either the Cfg or the Air file.

...or real life for that matter! :p


If you don't take your foot off the brake, a car will continue to decelerate.


If you don't re-trim for speed, a plane will continue to descend under the conditions described.

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