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fsx run on laptop ?


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I have an HP Pavillion laptop, 2gb graphics card, i7 processor (can overclock to 3.9Ghz) 32Gb of Ram and solid state drive. It was up for the task of running the new MSFS 2020. (I know you're looking at FSX) And it would do GREAT. The downside, is since it's a laptop it simply doesn't have the fans and cooling to stay maxed out for that long. I couldn't get more than 30 minutes of flying in until my computer would slow itself down to prevent overheating.


Depending on your graphics card your computer should definitely be up for the task of FSX, with that, I don't know how long of flights you will be able to do. They do make cooling pads and other gismos, however I got my computer to run solidworks for engineering classes and am uninstalling the flightsim so I don't kill my computer pre maturely. I hope this help you with your decision, but in short it should run fine, I just don't know for how long.

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