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Bonjour Team!


Currently in the process of my longest flight to date. Calais down to Nantes, via Dover for some reason but the view was lovely.

Clocking the miles up which is super cool. This game is utterly delicious in every way.


I'm en route Nantes from which I will "pick up my new plane" ahaha. I'm such a nerd. From Nantes I'm going to start flying the King Air.


Doing this super nerdy thing of starting a flight where I ended the last one, loving life!


ANYWAY! Liveries, what are we saying team? I don't understand why they couldn't introduce a little bit of fun by designing your own in game. Looking forward to when real world liveries get released...I haven't seen any in the game yet


BUT why can we not jazz our own aircraft. My little Cessna175 looks exactly like everyone elses' I wana play!


When do we expect to see some fun liveries or DLC? (I am fully aware of the massiveness of the game and that it's only just been released).


Anyones ear to the ground or heard anything?

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