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WinchX and P3Dv4 install issues


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I believe that others have had a problem with this as well, but their solutions (at least to me) weren't all too clear-- I hope someone who has previously had an issue with this can give me some insight.


When trying to run WinchX.exe in P3D v4 I get an error: "This application could not be started because the side-by-side configuration is invalid, see the application event log for more information."


In the exe.xml file, I have added:





C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D V4\SimObjects\Modules\WinchX\WinchX.exe



(I changed all instances of "WinchX!" to just "WinchX")


----as to the installation, the WinchX .zip file has two folders, SimObjects and Modules. The P3D v4 main folder has Modules *under* SimObjects... so does the *downloaded* WinchX Modules folder go in the main Prepar3D V4 folder, or is it merged with the SimObjects/Modules folder, which would give me Prepar3D v4/SimObjects/Modules/WinchX/winchX.exe ...?


Provided I get this installed correctly, am I supposed to start WinchX by a shortcut to the .exe file when P3D is running, or will there be an addition to the menu bar at the top of the screen that I select?


Any solutions are *very* welcome"--thanks!



Scott Anderson


Scott Anderson

First Officer, Air Mail Division (BGAM 006)

Bluegrass Airlines (VA)

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