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What's your graphics detail/fps sweet spot?

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I'm finding that settings that get me about 30fps 2000 feet over a city seem about right, if I strive for higher fps it's a bit smoother but not worth the loss of scenery quality. But going ultra and getting 20fps or below is not worth it.


The biggest issue I have with the graphics however is that I can't find how to increase the detail radius. Took off from from O'Hare today and not being familiar with the region did not know if Chicago would be north, south, east or west - assumed I'd see the sky scrapers from 1000 ft, but no, ended up having to check which way to fly on google maps - when I did get to the skyscrapers (which appear as weird triangles at first) it was awesome though.


AMD Ryzen 5 3600X


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