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Hopefully The Joystick Sensitivity Solution

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Apologies if this already posted in one of the many other threads but worthy I think of a separate note and the mods should consider putting in the FAQ as a sticky.


It seems after going to the sensitivity and dead zone screen on the joystick menu, you *MUST put your stick through its full range of x, y and z (+ throttle) motions in order for it to take. In effect you are calibrating the joystick, similar to how X-Plane does it. I just ran this and a couple of test flights found things now much more controllable. I was even able to nail the St Bart's landing challenge, albeit on the third attempt, which I found impossible last night due to the twitchy inputs.


Now why on earth couldn't Asobo or whoever wrote that menu page have put in big bold capitals that you actually have to physically calibrate the joystick to get the settings? Hopefully they will do so in a patch.


Off to test a few more aircraft for absolute proof of the concept.

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As I explained above, you need to be in the in-game sub screen that allows you to change the sensitivity and deadzones. There is no calibration option prompt but if you physically move the joystick and throttle through its motions, you should see the corresponding blue lines on the screen for each axis move. F11 will save this and you should find the joystick much more responsive in flight.
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